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Get a valuation of your watch now

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    Fill in all the information about the luxury watch you want to sell. Our team will review it and send you a free assessment.

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    We will make you a purchase offer, taking into account all the information provided and the value of the watch on the market.

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    Selling your luxury watch with Chrono Barcelona means getting the best price and doing it with all the guarantees. We are trusted sellers at Chrono24 and Mondani

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    You will receive the money by wire transfer, with all the guarantees.

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    With Chrono Barcelona you will get the best assessment for your watch.

    Fast transfer

    Once the sale is closed, you will receive the money in 24-48 hours

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    We cover all the delivery and insurance costs that are needed. 

    The whole process was super easy. They priced the watch very fast and made me the offer the same day. They took care of the collection with all the guarantees and I did not have to worry about anything.

    Andrew Evans

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